IMO conference on tackling greenhouse gas emissions

IMO conference on tackling greenhouse gas emissions
  • PublishedJuly 5, 2023

From July 3 to 7, the member countries of the United Nation maritime agency gathered. The IMO conference, the International Maritime Organization, intends to use these preliminary discussions to combat greenhouse gas emissions. The session will address a series of challenges. Maritime transport accounts for 90% of world trade and produces 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

The IMO conference will tackle climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships. To reach the 1.5 degree temperature target set by the Paris Agreement, the shipping regulator must commit to a decarbonization target of 36% by 2030 and 96% by 2040,

They also plan to manage energy more efficiently, as well as ballast water.

Sensitive maritime zones will be established. Threats such as underwater noise will be taken into account.

Finally, one of the last objectives is to tackle marine litter and monitor ship-to-ship transfers.

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