Colombian Navy Thwarts Narco Submarine Seizes 1.8 Tons of Cocaine

Colombian Navy Thwarts Narco Submarine Seizes 1.8 Tons of Cocaine
  • PublishedNovember 16, 2023

In a significant victory against narco-trafficking, the Colombian Navy intercepted a semi-submersible narco submarine off the Pacific coast, seizing 1.8 tons of cocaine destined for Central America. The vessel, designed for stealth beneath the water’s surface, was detected by Colombian Coast Guard units in challenging weather conditions.

Upon boarding the narco sub, authorities detained three individuals – two Ecuadorians and one Colombian – ages 26, 37, and 63, respectively. The vessel, built with a low-profile design to avoid detection, aimed to smuggle drugs through the Central American route.

The successful operation, executed near Colombia’s western shore, resulted in the confiscation of 1.8 tons of cocaine hydrochloride, valued at $60 million and equivalent to over 1.2 million doses. The arrested individuals will face prosecution for their roles in the illicit operation.

This achievement adds to the Colombian Navy’s 2023 accomplishments, including the seizure of over 20 vessels and more than 32 tons of cocaine, reinforcing the nation’s commitment to combating drug trafficking. Noteworthy interceptions, such as the largest in three decades in May, emphasize the Navy’s unwavering dedication to defending its territory and curbing illegal activities despite persistent challenges.

As narco-traffickers continue to employ sophisticated methods, the Colombian Navy remains vigilant, contributing significantly to global anti-drug efforts and securing its borders against the ongoing threat.

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