The fire of the tanker Pablo and its impact

The fire of the tanker Pablo and its impact
  • PublishedMay 9, 2023

Between Malaysia and Indonesia, the oil tanker Pablo caught fire. The ship was Gabon-flagged and was coming through the South China Sea after offloading a cargo in China and so was nearly empty. The tanker, suspected to be part of the dark fleet highlights the threats of these aging vessels.

Authorities in Batam revealed that huge amount of oil are spilling onto Indonesian beaches and waters. Fishing areas are impacted by the oil spill coming from the wreck of the tanker Pablo.

Oil spills have many consequences on the marine ecosystem. They have led to the destruction of biodiversity and could jeopardize the local economy by affecting tourism and the fishing industry.

Many risks threaten the health of coastal communities. Pollution will have a significant health, social, economic and environmental impact.

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