What did happen to the crew of the “093-417” chinese submarine?

What did happen to the crew of the “093-417” chinese submarine?
  • PublishedOctober 9, 2023

Following rumours circulating on social networks in August about the sinking of a Chinese nuclear submarine, new information has emerged to support the facts.

According to media sources such as the DailyMail, which leaked information from a British intelligence report, the Chinese nuclear submarine ‘093-417’ caused the death of 55 sailors following a malfunction. The incident is believed to have occurred on 21 August in the Yellow Sea.

The Chinese submarine reportedly collided with a chain and anchor trap designed to capture Western vessels hiding off the coast of China’s Shandong province.

The collision is said to have caused a systems failure that took six hours to repair before the submarine was able to resurface. At that point, the oxygen systems failed, resulting in the death of 55 crew members from hypoxia, including the captain and 21 officers.

“The on-board oxygen system poisoned the crew as a result of a catastrophic failure,” British intelligence said in the report.

Today, China has never confirmed the facts.

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