Ulyx underwater drone reaches depths of over 5,900 metres

Ulyx underwater drone reaches depths of over 5,900 metres
  • PublishedSeptember 26, 2023

The Ulyx underwater drone has descended to a depth of more than 5,900 metres during a recent test campaign in the Atlantic Ocean. This achievement marks a turning point in the development of France’s first autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) designed to reach depths of 6,000 metres.

Over three days in mid-September, Ulyx made three dives aboard the oceanographic vessel, the deepest of which reached exactly 5,920 metres. The aim of this campaign was to validate the drone’s ability to reach its maximum depth, operate autonomously and collect data using its sensors.

This achievement is of great importance to the scientific community, as it offers a unique opportunity to explore the mysterious depths of the deep ocean. The French Navy is also considering Ulyx as a potential base for its future seabed surveillance drone.

With France set to invest more than €100 million in seabed surveillance as part of its next military programme law (2024-2030), Ulyx underwater drone will play a crucial role and is expected to enter service with the Navy by 2026. This development is an important step towards understanding and exploiting the depths of our oceans.

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