Guinex III, Promoting Maritime Security and Cooperation

Guinex III, Promoting Maritime Security and Cooperation
  • PublishedSeptember 26, 2023

Naval exercises play an essential role in improving the readiness and capabilities of naval forces, while promoting international cooperation and maritime security. Among these exercises, Guinex III stands out for its importance in naval training and cooperation to enhance maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG).

The situation in the GoG remains fragile, despite the positive results achieved in the field of maritime security, in particular thanks to the Yaoundé Code of Conduct.

The recent increase in maritime crime, with acts of piracy and armed robbery reported at sea, shows that hard-won gains in the region can be reversed.

Golf of guinea strategic location

The GoG is an important region. It’s an international corridor for world trade and a strategic location for Brazil. This is why the presence of the Brazilian navy in these waters is so important. Key initiatives include maritime patrols and surveillance, and cooperation with countries in the region.

The GoG is an important region that serves as an international corridor for world trade. It is a strategic location for Brazil. For this reason, Brazil is strengthening its naval presence in these waters and cooperating with the countries of the region.

That’s why the Brazilian Navy’s liberal-class frigate Niteroi is sailing off the coast of West Africa. It is currently conducting naval exercises as part of Guinex III.

Guinex III, short for “Guinean Exercise III”, is a naval exercise. It’s rooted in the rich tradition of maritime cooperation between the nations of West Africa. Hence the presence of maritime cooperation in port and at sea with the navies of the following countries São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde (Mindelo), Cameroon (Kribi), Côte d’Ivoire (Abidjan), Nigeria (Lagos) and Senegal (Dakar).
It also includes the participation of navies from Spain, the United States of America (USA), Portugal and the United Kingdom (UK).

Guinex III demonstrates the commitment of West African countries and their international partners to strengthening regional maritime security and cooperation. By encouraging collaboration between the participating navies, Guinex III is contributing to a safer maritime environment in this vital region.

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