Shark fins seized in Panama

Shark fins seized in Panama
  • PublishedJuly 19, 2023

On June 13, Panamanian police announced the seizure of shark fins. 6790 kg were stored in a container near the capital.
The shipment was probably destined for the Asian market. There, shark fins can be worth around $1,000 a kilo.
According to Attorney General Javier Caraballo, the fins were dehydrated and ready for export. Five people have been arrested by the authorities. They will be charged with crimes against collective security and against the environment.

This seizure is in line with Panama’s conservation objectives.

Indeed, in November 2022, a summit on international trade in endangered species was held in Panama. Some forty countries voted in favor of adopting a resolution to protect a further 54 shark species.
The tiger shark, bull shark and blue shark, which are the most targeted by the finning trade, joined the list.

According to the Pew Environment Group, between 63 and 273 million sharks are killed every year.

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