Removal of the OS35 Cargo has Started

Removal of the OS35 Cargo has Started
  • PublishedJanuary 26, 2023

The removal of cargo from the the wreck of the bulk carrier OS35, which sank on 29 August 2022 after colliding with another vessel on its way out of Gibraltar harbour, began at the beginning of January, with the arrival of the tug KOOLE 42 and a barge.

The captain of the port has also received confirmatio that the tug Koole 31 towing barge K10030 have successfully departed from Brest and are expected to arrive in Gibraltar before the end of the month.

Led by the Dutch salvage company Koole Contractors, the first phase of the operation, which focuses on the removal and recycling of the cargo (33,632 tonnes of steel bars), has begun.

It has been agreed with the port to cut the vessel into two sections to avoid uncontrolled breakage. The sections will be lifted one by one onto a barge for recycling. The authorities expect the ship to be removed by 30 May 2023.

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