A sinking mysterious vessel refuses to get help in the Black Sea

A sinking mysterious vessel refuses to get help in the Black Sea
  • PublishedAugust 29, 2023

In a perplexing maritime saga, the Tanzanian-flagged cargo vessel AMANOS faces imminent peril off the Romanian Coast in the Black Sea. The vessel, suspected of carrying an enigmatic cargo, issued an SOS signal after sustaining damage near Mangalia, Romania. The distress call prompted the Romanian Coast Guard Service to dispatch rescue ships, including the Teia, Brisco, and Fenics.

However, upon arrival, rescuers were met with astonishment as the ship’s captain adamantly refused their assistance. The vessel’s bow had reportedly been compromised, and water ingress posed a serious threat to the ship’s stability. Despite the perilous circumstances, the captain asserted that the crew could manage repairs internally. Defying expectations, the captain steered the AMANOS towards Bulgarian waters.

The incident has raised questions about the ship’s cargo, its enigmatic owner, and the captain’s behavior. With origins tracing back to Ukraine’s Izmail Port, the 1978 vessel embarked on its journey on August 14th, its destination cloaked in secrecy. As suspense mounts, international authorities monitor the unfolding situation in the Black Sea.

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