Oil Spill in the Strait of Gibraltar

Oil Spill in the Strait of Gibraltar
  • PublishedAugust 9, 2023

An oil spill occurred in the Strait of Gibraltar on Tuesday 1 August. The Gas Venus was refuelling when one of her tanks overflowed.
The area affected by the oil spill is Rosia Bay, in the southern part of the Strait of Gibraltar.
The Vendemar Ecologists in Action group in Algeciras has expressed its dissatisfaction. It took less than a year for another incident to be recorded.
Indeed, last August, the bulk carrier OS35 sank 400 metres off the coast of La LĂ­nea.
Oil spills disrupt marine life and destroy biodiversity. The clean-up process is long, and there are consequences even at the end.
Most oil spills could be avoided if ships were not undermanned. Compliance with safety standards would reduce the risk of incidents. The age and general condition of ships are just as important as the number of crew.

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