New objectives for the Indonesian Coast Guard

New objectives for the Indonesian Coast Guard
  • PublishedJuly 12, 2023

On 05 July, in Jakarta, the Chief Minister of Security, Mohamad Mahmud MD, announced a government directive for the creation of an Indonesian Coast Guard.

The Indonesian Coast Guard will be responsible for securing maritime borders, combating smuggling and enforcing national maritime law.

It will take over the remit of the maritime security agency, “Bakamla“, which prefigures it, increasing its capacities.

Bakamla was set up by Indonesian President Joko Widodo in 2014. Its mission was to formalise the role of the uncoordinated safety agency that preceded it. In 2022, it was strengthened and given authority as the coordinating agency for all maritime law enforcement in Indonesia.

However, it has not managed to steer the action of the many administrations in the various ministries.

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