BATAN to preserve Madagascar’s coastal ecosystems

BATAN to preserve Madagascar’s coastal ecosystems
  • PublishedMay 23, 2023

France is allocating 2 million euros to the BATAN project. The purpose is to support sustainable fishing, mangrove restoration and the sustainable use of natural resources in the Diana region.

On Tuesday in Antaninarenina, the financing agreement for the Batan project was signed. The signing was done in the presence of the French Ambassador to Madagascar, the Director of AFD in Antananarivo and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

This project is in line with the strengthening of protected areas and local development. Thus it is a continuation of the KOBABY project (2019-2024). It is implemented by the Regional Directorate of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Diana region, with the support of technical assistance. For a duration of three years, the BATAN project will focus on the sustainable management of coastal ecosystems. The areas concerned are the bays of Ambaro, Tsimipaiky, Ampasindava and the archipelago of Nosy-Be. This represents a maritime area covering more than 13,950 km².

It will be structured around three components:

Developing more sustainable fishing in the BATAN area with and for the benefit of small-scale and artisanal fishing professionals.

Contributing to the restoration of the mangrove ecosystem in the BATAN area and its sustainable management.

Carrying out demonstration actions for the sustainable management and exploitation of natural resources in collaboration with the communities.

Currently, Madagascar has 126 protected areas covering over 7 million hectares, or 13% of the national territory. This is a result of the Malagasy government’s commitment to triple the size of the country’s protected areas. This goal was set at the World Parks Congress in Durban in 2003.

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