Explosion on the “Seama” Cargo Ship in the Black Sea

Explosion on the  “Seama” Cargo Ship in the Black Sea
  • PublishedSeptember 21, 2023

An explosion happened on Wednesday morning on the Seama cargo ship in the Black Sea. The incident occurred seven nautical miles (13 km) east of Sulin.

The seama cargo ship flying the Togolese flag, carrying cement, suffered an explosion in the engine room at 6.50am. The cargo ship had to be evacuated.

The Romanian naval authority through the MRCC requested immediate help from the ARSVOM SAR Ares and a border police ship to save the 12 crew members. The rescue team arrived quickly at the incident and took charge of the crew, who were then transported safely to Sulina Port.

All 12 crew members aboard the vessel were evacuated. It is uncertain whether the explosion was due to a sea mine or a malfunction in the engine room.

A minesweeper named “Vice-Admiral Constantin Bălescu” 274 departed from Constanta’s military port to reach the affected area.

Cosmin Laurențiu Dumitrache, leader of the Romanian navy, stated that the ship looks secure, and there is no present chance of it sinking. There is an ongoing inquiry into the cause and specific location of the explosion which impacted the vessel. This investigation includes divers inspecting the exterior of the ship.

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