Seizure of Half a Tonne of Cocaine off Cape Verde

Seizure of Half a Tonne of Cocaine off Cape Verde
  • PublishedAugust 4, 2023

A fishing boat flying the Venezuelan flag was intercepted off the coast of Cape Verde. The operation, led by the Central Drugs Unit (Udyco), resulted in the seizure of half a tonne of cocaine in 16 bales.

The agents boarded the fishing boat. The fishing boat sank in the Atlantic, but it is believed that the crew did so to get rid of the drugs. The cargo would have been at least three times larger than the amount recovered.

The unloading took place discreetly in the port of Vigo, on board the Petrel 1, on Monday 31 July.

According to the Spanish authorities, the cargo came from Venezuela. It was destined for Galicia. Twenty-five people have been arrested as part of the investigation.
At least ten were Venezuelans, one Colombian and one Spaniard, while the nationalities of the others involved were not specified.

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