The MICA Center Annual Report 2022 is Out!

The MICA Center Annual Report 2022 is Out!
  • PublishedJanuary 12, 2023

Based in Brest, the MICA Center collects and relays useful information to all actors in the field of maritime industry. Its purpose is to process maritime security data worldwide.

Although the decline in maritime piracy and robbery that began in 2021 (report 2021) continues in 2022, this decrease is due in particular to a noteworthy drop in piracy events, while acts of robbery are stable or even increasing in some areas of the world.

Many factors can explain this decrease in maritime piracy, including the involvement of all stakeholders, private and state, regional and extra-regional.

However, compliance to Best Management Practices and vigilance remains key and many other factors affect maritime security overall.

Below you can read the MICA Center ‘s report 2022, on piracy and maritime crime worldwide.

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