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One more drug seizure by the French Navy

One more drug seizure by the French Navy
  • PublishedApril 20, 2021
Drug seizure by the french navy
Drug seizure in Indian ocean.

French frigate FS Nivose, deployed into the combined Task Force 150 (a global coalition to fight against terrorism), seized once again drug this month.

The 14th of April,the frigate found drug on a fishing boat sailing off Somalian coast. This the seventh time this month.

The french boarding team, while investigating the boat, discovered 9 packets containing 300 kgs of heroin.

In all, 1233 kgs of heroin, 1333 kgs of methamphetamine and 1247 kgs of cannabis that have been seized by the French frigate. The 3,8 tons of illegal product represent hundred of million of euros.

Last Month, the French Amphibious Ready Group, called Jeanne d’Arc deployment, seized ,7 tons of drug in Indian Ocean.

These success hit badly criminal and terrorism organization, which main source of funding in the area is drug trafficking.

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