September 22, 2023FLASH NEWSAs part of the French-led Combined Task Force 150, the Royal Navy’s HMS Lancaster (F229) intercepted and seized more than 450 kilograms of illegal drugs, including heroin and hashish, in the Arabian Sea on 7 September. The market value of the drugs seized is estimated at 9.5 million dollars. This operation is the first major drug seizure since the French Navy took over command of CTF 150 from the UK in July. It reaffirms the commitment of both countries and regional and international partners to maritime security. Captain Yannick Bossu, Commander of CTF 150, underlined the operational effectiveness of CTF 150 and the commitment of the UK and France to maritime security. CTF 150 is one of five task forces of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), a partnership of 38 nations based in Bahrain. The CMF strengthens maritime security in this strategic area by combating the financing of terrorism and international crime. This is the twelfth time that France has ordered the CTF 150. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
September 21, 2023FLASH NEWSAn explosion happened on Wednesday morning on the Seama cargo ship in the Black Sea. The incident occurred seven nautical miles (13 km) east of Sulin. The seama cargo ship flying the Togolese flag, carrying cement, suffered an explosion in the engine room at 6.50am. The cargo ship had to be evacuated. The Romanian naval authority through the MRCC requested immediate help from the ARSVOM SAR Ares and a border police ship to save the 12 crew members. The rescue team arrived quickly at the incident and took charge of the crew, who were then transported safely to Sulina Port. All 12 crew members aboard the vessel were evacuated. It is uncertain whether the explosion was due to a sea mine or a malfunction in the engine room. A minesweeper named “Vice-Admiral Constantin Bălescu” 274 departed from Constanta’s military port to reach the affected area. Cosmin Laurențiu Dumitrache, leader of the Romanian navy, stated that the ship looks secure, and there is no present chance of it sinking. There is an ongoing inquiry into the cause and specific location of the explosion which impacted the vessel. This investigation includes divers inspecting the exterior of the ship. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
September 19, 2023FLASH NEWSOn 17 September, the patrol vessel La Confiance intercepted the Brazilian “Tapouille”. The sailboat SEMEADOR 2 with 8 people on board was fishing illegally in French territorial waters. In the face of violent resistance, the intervention team had to use its non-lethal weapons. As the vessel had already been reported from the air for the same offence last December. The Director-General for Territorial and Maritime Affairs ordered it to be diverted to Cayenne. The captain of the Tapouille is a repeat offender, having already been prosecuted in 2021 following the diversion of the ship Comte Antonio. One of the crew members, who was formally identified as violent, was taken into custody by the maritime police in Cayenne. The other crew members were expelled.A request for the destruction of the Tapouille has been sent to the magistrate in charge of liberty and detention. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
September 19, 2023FLASH NEWSIn a strategic move to strengthen its maritime surveillance capabilities in the Indo-Pacific region, Australia has allocated A$1.5 billion (approximately $966 million). The investment includes acquiring more long-range drone aircraft and upgrading its existing Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft. Australia plans to enhance the capabilities of its fleet of 14 Boeing P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol aircraft, equipping them with anti-submarine warfare, maritime strike, and intelligence collection enhancements, according to Minister for Defence Industry Pat Conroy. A significant part of this initiative is the procurement of a fourth Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton drone aircraft, which will be stationed in Australia’s Northern Territory, strategically positioned in proximity to Asia. This Triton will provide extended-range surveillance coverage over Australia’s maritime region. Minister Conroy emphasized that the additional Triton acquisition aligns with the priorities outlined in the Defence Strategic Review, acknowledging the evolving dynamics of the Indo-Pacific region, where intense competition between major powers, particularly the United States and China, presents potential conflict scenarios. Australia’s modernization efforts also include signing a contract worth $220 million with Northrop Grumman Australia to establish maintenance facilities at RAAF Base Tindal in the Northern Territory and RAAF Base Edinburgh in South Australia, where the Triton fleet will operate. These investments underscore Australia’s commitment to safeguarding trade routes and enhancing its deterrence capabilities in the face of geopolitical challenges. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
September 18, 2023FLASH NEWSMaritime traffic, responsible for 3 to 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, is embracing wind power to reduce its carbon footprint. The Canopée, a vessel tasked with transporting Ariane 6 rocket components, is leading the charge. Equipped with four 37-meter-high semi-rigid wings developed by French start-up Ayro, this summer marked a pivotal moment in maritime history. These Oceanwings are not just for show; they are designed to save fuel and reduce emissions. They will provide between 15 and 35% of the Canopée’s propulsive energy on its crossings. This innovation draws inspiration from aeronautics, featuring semi-rigid, cambered wings that can be steered for optimal wind utilization. While wind propulsion offers hope for greener shipping, experts caution that fuel savings may vary based on numerous factors, including wind strength, ship type, and sailing area. Nevertheless, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, aiming for zero net emissions “around” 2050. Ayro aims to use the Canopée as a demonstrator to convince other cargo ships to adopt wind propulsion technology, with projects underway to adapt Oceanwings for larger vessels. This innovation, combined with strategies like slow-steaming, offers a promising path toward a more sustainable maritime industry, as the sector seeks alternatives to heavy fuel oil in its quest to reduce emissions. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
September 11, 2023FLASH NEWSOn 5th September, the United Nations released the initial outcomes of the “Marine Sand Watch” data platform. The new data platform was designed by GRID-Geneva a Centre for Analytics within the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). The platform uses Automatic Identification System (AIS) signals from vessels and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify the operations of dredging vessels. The platform offers data on sand extraction sites, dredging locations, sand trading hubs, vessel numbers, and sea operators. Initial analyses indicate that the marine dredging industry extracts six billion tonnes of sand and sediments annually.This is likely to have an adverse effect on coastal communities that are dealing with increasing sea levels and storms, as well as endangering coastal ecosystems and the seabed. The scale of environmental impacts of shallow sea mining activities and dredging is alarming, including biodiversity, water turbidity, and noise impacts on marine mammals. International practices and regulatory frameworks vary widely. Some countries – including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia – have banned marine sand export in the last 20 years, while others lack any legislation and/or effective monitoring programmes. All this Data indicates an immediate requirement for improved management of marine sand resources and a reduction in the effects of shallow sea mining. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
September 8, 2023FLASH NEWSOn 29 August, Kenya signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on naval construction and defence with the Indian authorities. The MoU was signed as Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Defence Aden Bare Duale, on a visit to Kenya. They discussed capacity building and cooperation in the defence industry between the two countries. The Indian Navy will provide their expertise to enhance the capability of securing Kenya’s maritime space. The agreement entails military, training, and intelligence-sharing cooperation to conduct maritime surveillance of the western Indian Ocean. The aim of preventing and combating terrorism, piracy, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and illegal fishing. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 29, 2023FLASH NEWSIn a perplexing maritime saga, the Tanzanian-flagged cargo vessel AMANOS faces imminent peril off the Romanian Coast in the Black Sea. The vessel, suspected of carrying an enigmatic cargo, issued an SOS signal after sustaining damage near Mangalia, Romania. The distress call prompted the Romanian Coast Guard Service to dispatch rescue ships, including the Teia, Brisco, and Fenics. However, upon arrival, rescuers were met with astonishment as the ship’s captain adamantly refused their assistance. The vessel’s bow had reportedly been compromised, and water ingress posed a serious threat to the ship’s stability. Despite the perilous circumstances, the captain asserted that the crew could manage repairs internally. Defying expectations, the captain steered the AMANOS towards Bulgarian waters. The incident has raised questions about the ship’s cargo, its enigmatic owner, and the captain’s behavior. With origins tracing back to Ukraine’s Izmail Port, the 1978 vessel embarked on its journey on August 14th, its destination cloaked in secrecy. As suspense mounts, international authorities monitor the unfolding situation in the Black Sea. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 25, 2023FLASH NEWSIn response to the escalating threat of pests transmitted through containerized shipping, a unified effort is underway involving shipping lines, shippers, and governments to curb the substantial crop damage caused by invasive species. Governments worldwide are increasingly acknowledging the pressing need to address this issue, with Australia and New Zealand already implementing seasonal measures to counter pests like the brown marmorated stink bug. Discussions are ongoing among stakeholders to introduce strategies that minimize the likelihood of infestations, albeit potentially slowing down freight movement and increasing costs. A task force, organized by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), a branch of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, has explored measures to prevent invasive species from spreading via transport containers. Among the proposed measures is the transition from wooden to steel or composite-floored containers, as wooden floors can harbor dormant pests. Additionally, stakeholders are encouraged to adopt custodial responsibility and adhere to stringent inspection and cleaning procedures for containers before passing them along the supply chain. There’s also a proposal for shipping lines to publish container history data, aiding shippers in assessing contamination risks. As the threat to global agriculture intensifies, collaborative efforts to safeguard supply chains and reduce the spread of harmful pests are gaining traction, marking a significant step towards preserving crop integrity. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 24, 2023FLASH NEWSThe Egyptian Suez Canal Authority has declared that shipping operations have resumed as normal in the canal after a collision incident involving two tankers earlier today. The authority released a statement showcasing images of numerous vessels, including tankers, traversing the shipping lane, signaling the return to usual traffic flow. Although specific details remain scarce, the head of the Suez Canal Authority, Oussama Rabie, confirmed that technical teams swiftly addressed issues faced by an oil tanker and an LNG carrier during their canal crossing. The collision transpired between the LNG carrier BW LESMES and the subsequent tanker BURRI. The LNG tanker, BW LESMES, encountered a technical malfunction, resulting in a sudden halt within the navigation channel and subsequent loss of steering control. The powerful current led to the inadvertent collision with the BURRI tanker. Both vessels were part of the North Convoy. The incident did not cause any major injuries or environmental damage. The swift and effective response of the Suez Canal Authority’s marine salvage tugs underscores their capability to manage navigational emergencies and technical glitches, reinforcing the canal’s critical role in global trade. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 24, 2023FLASH NEWSUnverified rumors are swirling online about a Chinese Type 093 nuclear submarine purportedly crashing in the Taiwan Strait, following Beijing’s recent military exercises around Taiwan. The reports, yet to be substantiated, suggest the incident occurred within the past few days, with claims of the entire crew losing their lives. The Ministry of National Defense (MND) in Taiwan, however, has stated that their military intelligence and surveillance have detected no evidence of such an event. The MND spokesperson, Sun Li-fang, emphasized that neither Taiwanese nor Chinese authorities have released any official statement confirming the alleged crash. The Type 093 submarine, known as the “Shang class,” is designed for the People’s Liberation Army Navy of China and is equipped with advanced sensor systems and armaments. Tensions have been escalating due to China’s military drills near Taiwan and its ambitions for control over the island. Despite the unverified reports, the current situation remains reliant on information from unofficial sources, and neither Beijing nor Taipei have provided official confirmation or details regarding the alleged incident. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 23, 2023FLASH NEWSANKARA: Maritime traffic halted briefly in Turkey’s Dardanelles Strait due to a forest fire endangering Canakkale province, as announced by the Ministry of Transport. Swift action by planes and helicopters contained the flames, allowing the Turkish Coast Guard to reopen southbound traffic. Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Ibrahim Yumakli emphasized efforts to safeguard city centers, noting winds diverting the fire from Canakkale’s heart. Evacuations affected seven villages and a university campus. Over 420 firefighters, supported by ten water bombers, battle the blaze. The fire’s approach towards urban areas is captured in dramatic images, while a freeway closure compounds disruptions. The incident highlights ongoing modernization of Turkey’s firefighting services after a devastating 2021 fire season. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 21, 2023FLASH NEWSSince 1990, one to two French vessels have been deployed almost permanently in the Gulf of Guinea as part of Operation CORYMBE. This operation strengthens regional maritime security to combat illegal fishing and piracy alongside local forces. For example, on July 24, High Seas Patrol (MHP) Commander Birot relocated a Chinese-flagged trawler to the Gulf of Guinea. A commando of a dozen pirates had taken control of the building for a few hours. Recently deployed, PHA Mistral will continue to conduct Operation Corymbe. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 9, 2023FLASH NEWSWith the end of the grain deal, the situation on the Black Sea has worsened.Russia has been bombing Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea in order to stop grain shipments, which are vital to the Ukrainian economy. They have even attacked sites on the Danube, just a few hundred metres from Romania. The Russian navy has set up a blockade and considers any ship attempting to cross it a threat. In retaliation, Ukraine has declared six Russian ports to be war risk zones. On 4 August, the Russian navy ship Olenegorsky Gornyakin was attacked by drone in the port of Novorossiysk. The following day, the oil tanker Sig, carrying fuel for Russian troops in the Black Sea near Crimea, was hit. Ukraine uses drones to target ports and ships.Unlike Russia, it targets specific ships. These are ships flying the Russian flag and are sanctioned by the United States. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 9, 2023FLASH NEWSAn oil spill occurred in the Strait of Gibraltar on Tuesday 1 August. The Gas Venus was refuelling when one of her tanks overflowed.The area affected by the oil spill is Rosia Bay, in the southern part of the Strait of Gibraltar.The Vendemar Ecologists in Action group in Algeciras has expressed its dissatisfaction. It took less than a year for another incident to be recorded.Indeed, last August, the bulk carrier OS35 sank 400 metres off the coast of La Línea.Oil spills disrupt marine life and destroy biodiversity. The clean-up process is long, and there are consequences even at the end.Most oil spills could be avoided if ships were not undermanned. Compliance with safety standards would reduce the risk of incidents. The age and general condition of ships are just as important as the number of crew. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 8, 2023FLASH NEWSOn Monday 7 August, the port of Kocaeli was hit by an explosion. The port was the largest Turkish port in 2022. It has a cargo throughput of 83 million tonnes. The explosion of the port of Kocaeli occured at 14:35 local time. According to the initial investigations, it was caused by the compression of wheat dust during the transfer of wheat from a ship to a silo. 13 grain silos were affected by the blast. The Turkish Transport Ministry said port operations were continuing after the necessary precautions had been taken. This incident is reminiscent of the one in the port of Beirut in 2020. The silo explosion comes at a time when food security is under threat. Following the end of the Grain Deal between Ukraine and Russia, cereal exports have slowed down. The disappearance of available grain due to an explosion could therefore raise major problems. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 8, 2023FLASH NEWSOn Saturday 4 August, the tug Fahd sank in the Suez Canal. It collided with the LPG tanker Chinagas Legend. One of the tug’s crew, who was trapped in a cabin, died.The other six were rescued.The closure of the Suez Canal is costing billions of dollars in transport delays. Egypt loses between 12 and 15 million dollars per day of closure.As ships get bigger, they cause more problems. They need better infrastructure, more space and can cause more damage.The Evergreen incident was a harbinger of future problems. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 7, 2023FLASH NEWSOn August 6, in a joint operation, Maltese police and customs officers made a major drug seizure.They found 97 kilos of cocaine hidden underneath a cargo ship docked at the Malta Freeport.The cargo was discovered by divers from a security company who noticed the suspicious bags in the ship’s hull. They alerted the Maltese authorities, who brought the bags ashore.The cocaine, with a street value of 11 million euros, was not destined for the Maltese market. The cargo ship came from Panama and was bound for Gioia Tauro in Italy. Authorities suspected that it could be part of a larger smuggling route originating in Panama. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 4, 2023FLASH NEWSPapua New Guinea has signed an agreement of 15 years with the US Coast Guard. The latter are authorized to board foreign vessels suspected of illegal activities in Papua New Guinea’s economic zone. They will be able to do so without any Papua New Guinean officer being present on board.This will not, however, prevent Papua New Guinean officers from boarding American vessels for training. The aim is to strengthen maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region. Humanitarian assistance, the fight against climate change and maritime awareness will be among the themes addressed. The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, James Marape, has stated that the country is unable to patrol the 2.7 million square kilometer EEZ. This makes it more difficult to detect illegal activities such as drug trafficking or illegal fishing. The sovereignty of small states is often threatened by foreign fishing fleets. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 4, 2023FLASH NEWSA fishing boat flying the Venezuelan flag was intercepted off the coast of Cape Verde. The operation, led by the Central Drugs Unit (Udyco), resulted in the seizure of half a tonne of cocaine in 16 bales. The agents boarded the fishing boat. The fishing boat sank in the Atlantic, but it is believed that the crew did so to get rid of the drugs. The cargo would have been at least three times larger than the amount recovered. The unloading took place discreetly in the port of Vigo, on board the Petrel 1, on Monday 31 July. According to the Spanish authorities, the cargo came from Venezuela. It was destined for Galicia. Twenty-five people have been arrested as part of the investigation.At least ten were Venezuelans, one Colombian and one Spaniard, while the nationalities of the others involved were not specified. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 3, 2023FLASH NEWSOn 25 July in Nouakchott, the Mauritanian Minister for Fisheries and the Maritime Economy and his Senegalese counterpart signed a protocol on the implementation of the fisheries agreement between the two countries. Mauritania will allow a maximum of 500 Senegalese vessels to fish in its waters for a total of 50,000 tonnes of pelagic fish, excluding yellow mullet and wahoo. In return, the Senegalese authorities will supply a sufficient number of juveniles for restocking of Mauritanian continental waters. In particular, Lake Foum Gleita in the south of the country. Senegal will also provide 4 fish farming instructors to help build the technical capacity of the Mauritanian industry. However, the agreement, which is renewable for one year, has not met with unanimous approval. The secretary of the Association for the promotion of sustainable artisanal fishing in West Africa (ADEPA) supports the principle of cooperation and solidarity between states. However, he questions the implementation of certain points of the agreement. Mauritanian fishermen are worried about their future. They fear that this agreement will threaten their interests by over-exploiting fisheries resources. The NGO Zakia has been warning about the catastrophic situation of the West African fishing industry for several years. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 2, 2023FLASH NEWSState services in French Guiana has been testing a long-range drone. Developed by the company Boreal, it is designed to enhance surveillance and detection capabilities. This will drastically improve the effectiveness of operations to combat illegal fishing. The maneuver will be carried out with coastal maritime surveillance launch such as the « Charente». With a range of 70 kilometres, the drone can and has already detected several IUU fishing activities in the coastal strip between Sinnamary and Organabo. With a positive first try, several flights are planned in the maritime area of French Guinea. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 1, 2023FLASH NEWSThe European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyer and Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. met in Manila. The two leaders discussed issues ranging from trade to climate change cooperation. Ursula Von der Lyen stressed the importance of a free and open Indo-pacific region. To this end, Phillipines and the European Union will strengthen their cooperation on maritime security. Information sharing, conducting threat assessments and building Philippine’s coast guard capacity will be the heart of the cooperation. Promoting the green economy is also a priority. The European Union will support the Philippines’ fight against climate change. Marcos has increased the share of renewable energies in the country’s energy mix to 35 % by 2030. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
August 1, 2023FLASH NEWSAccording to broker Clarksons, Liberia has overtaken Panama as the world’s leading flag state in terms of gross tonnage. This is the first time in 30 years that Panama has been overtaken. Liberia leads with 246.5 million gross tons against Panama’s 244.3 million. Liberia is managed in the United States by the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry (LISCR). Nevertheless, it remains second in terms of number of ships, with 5052 ships versus 8254 for Panama. This first place is largely due to China, where Liberian-registered ships benefit from reduced port dues. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
July 31, 2023FLASH NEWSOn July 28, Italian police announced the discovery of a Roman-era shipwreck 40 miles off Civitavecchia. The wreck, lying at a depth of 160 meters, could date back to the 1st or 2nd century BC. It measures some twenty meters and is covered with amphorae, the contents of which are unknown.It was located and explored using a specialized underwater robot belonging to the Italian Cultural Heritage Protection Police. The authorities have not released any information on the fate of the wreck. As this type of discovery is rare, it could well attract the interest of looters. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
July 27, 2023FLASH NEWSOn July 26, the FREMANTLE HIGHWAY caught fire off Netherlands. The Panamanian-flagged vessel with 23 Indian crew members, was transporting 2 857 cars from Germany to Egypt. Of all the hypotheses considered, the preferred one is the combustion of an electric vehicle. It would be caused by a chemical reaction in the battery which produces gases that swell the battery. The IMO is planning to evaluate new measures for ships carrying electric vehicles in view of the increasing number of fires on cargo ships. The crew was evacuated. Seven crew members jumped into the sea, the others were airlifted by helicolpter. Among the crew, there is one dead. Others suffer from breathing issues, broken bones and burns. The vessel is linked to a tug, to avoid the Fremantle Highway to drift away. The fire is still raging, due to the difficulty of firefighters to act aboard. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
July 27, 2023FLASH NEWSOn 23 July, the Shenghai 2 called for help. The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Monrovia warned of an act of maritime piracy off the coast of Liberia. The chinese fishing vessel had twenty-three crew members on board when it was hijacked by eight pirates. The Commandant Birot, a French navy warship in the area, carried out the identification and marking of the fishing vessel. This enabled it to provide useful intelligence to maritime security partners in the area (MRCC Monrovia and COM Sierra Leone). On the evening of the 23rd, the Shenghai 2 entered Liberian territorial waters. This enabled the Liberian Coast Guard to intervene on the 24th. They led three pirates to launch a life raft to escape from the ship. This resulted in the capture of one pirate and the rescue of two crew members. As the remaining pirates refused to surrender, a special operation was launched by Liberia to rescue the remaining twenty-one crew members. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
July 26, 2023FLASH NEWSThe Gulf stream is known as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation AMOC, is a current that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. AMOC transports warm ocean water northwards towards the pole where it cools and sinks. Atlantic Ocean currents work as conveyor belt moving oxygen, nutrients, carbon and heat around the globe. The AMOC can exist in two stable states : one strong and fast form, on which we depend. The other form is much slower and weaker. In fact, This latter form could be responsible for the collaspe of the Gulf Stream. It would have catastrophic climate. According to estimates, it could happened between 2025 and 2095 with a central estimate of 2050. But why might the Gulf Stream collapse ? Warming oceans and melting ice floes lead to an influx of fresh water into the oceans. If the waters become too cool or too warm, the conveyor belt comes to a halt. The density of the water then decreases, making it less able to flow. As a result, the northern hemisphere will suffer harsher winters and rising sea levels. In the southern hemisphere, rainy seasons will be altered, impacting on food security. Research carried out in 2022 showed that five dangerous tipping points may already have been crossed due to the 1.1C global warming recorded to date. These included the shutdown of AMOC, the collapse of Greenland ice cap and the melting of carbon-rich permafrost. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
July 24, 2023FLASH NEWSAlready 5.2 tonnes of drugs have been removed from distribution networks by the Armed Forces in the Antilles (FAA). Last year, twelve tonnes of cocaine were seized in Martinique. The market value is estimated at 360 million euros. The latest drug seizure took place on 5 July. Thanks to the cooperation of a maritime patrol aircraft and the Ventôse French surveillance frigate, 317 kg of cocaine were seized from a sailing boat 800 km north-east of Martinique. The two crew members, the cargo and the yacht were taken to Fort-de-France by the Ventôse and handed over to the Ofast (Office anti-stupéfiants) Caribbean office on 8 July. The Caribbean Sea is a major transit area for illegal drugs, mainly cocaine. These drugs are produced in South America and destined for markets around the world. Small Caribbean jurisdictions are vulnerable to the economic and social impact of drug trafficking. Hence the importance of fighting drug trafficking in the Caribbean region. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
July 24, 2023FLASH NEWSLast week, 5,3 tons of cocaine were seized near Sicily. This was the largest cocaine seizure reported on Italian territory. A merchant ship sailing from South America had been under surveillance since July 19. This was the mother-ship, which was positioned at the limit of the territorial waters. A surveillance aircraft spotted packages being thrown from the deck into the Strait of Sicily. The cargo was then collected by a fishing trawler. The fishing boat was intercepted by Naval Forces. Large quantities of cocaine were found in a hidden compartment on the vessel. The 5 crew members on board were handed over to prosecutors. The mother ship attempted to escape by entering international waters. It was heading for Turkey when the authorities intercepted her. Like this:Like Loading... [...]