Eastern Mediterranean, a flashpoint

Eastern Mediterranean flashpoint Eastern Mediterranean is a crossroads between continents. The complexity of the region and tensions between countries make the area a dangerous flashpoint. All kind of destabilization and maritime issues monitored seem to be linked to one actor, the president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Where is Eastern Mediterranean? Eastern Mediterranean is a … Continue reading Eastern Mediterranean, a flashpoint

Afghan refugees through Mediterranean Sea

Afghan Refugees Through Mediterranean Sea

afghan refugees Because of the Taliban’s power seizure in Afghanistan, EU expects a humanitarian crisis and a large-scale migratory movement towards Europe. In that case, Afghan refugees will probably use on the three Mediterranean routes to find safety and peace, even with all dangers they can encountered. People crossing the Mediterranean Sea The Mediterranean Sea … Continue reading Afghan Refugees Through Mediterranean Sea

Terrorists and migrant boat featured on Mozambique flag

Mozambique Insurgency Starting to Get Struggled

Mozambique insurgency Mozambique insurgency is getting struggled by a coalition of Rwandan and Mozambican troops. The port of Mocimboa da Praia was the last rebel’s stronghold and was retaken in April 8, by government forces. Nevertheless, the conflict caused a dramatic humanitarian crisis and the presence of terrorists with amphibious capacity in the region remains … Continue reading Mozambique Insurgency Starting to Get Struggled